Cruiser's Comfort Chart Library

More than 500 charts, all donated by cruisers

We started with a dozen charts that we thought were useful, and then Steve from s/v Kavenga donated a few hundred. Since then more and more cruisers have donated chart collections. Thank you cruisers!

Library Hours 2pm - 4pm Monday-Friday

The Chart Library works like any other library - to keep everything in order and in good condition, Maru curates the charts and is available to check them out to cruisers between 2pm and 4pm every weekday.

Borrow for up to 48 hours

You are welcome to check out any chart(s) for up to 48 hours to allow you to take them to Office Depot or Office Max, where it will cost you about 50pesos per chart to copy.
How to get to Office Depot / Office Max

Puddle Jumpers !

The chart library contains a lot of charts of the South Pacific and is usually of great interest to Puddle Jumpers. We have found it works best for everyone if all Jumpers work together (get together after one of the seminars) to coordinate their needs and save some bus trips!

Why not look through the list of charts first?

Click here to view or download the list as pdf (18pages, 116KB)